Shelly Beach Voluntary Rural Fire Force

James McLeod Road, Shelly Beach, South Head, New Zealand, Ph 09 420 2503, Fax 09 420 2509

The Fire Force has a small but well trained and skilled crew.

The Chief Fire Officer is an ex-paid operational firefighter with nine years experience at Parnell Fire and a year at Ellerslie Fire in the Auckland Region.

The Deputy Chief Fire Officer has well over 20 years experience as a volunteer Firefighter and has been at Shelly Beach for 10 years now.

We presently have seven members who are our co-responders to medical incidents and we are also in the process of having a dedicated Medical Unit as a first Response Vehicle.

Of these seven co-responders, One is the CFO and two are firefighters who have completed the Advanced First Aid course in co-response, we have a registered Doctor, a St John Paramedic and two registered nurses aswell.

We are trained to deal with all types of emergencies, house fires, car fires, medicals, Motor Vehicle accidents, hazardous chemicals, vegetation and bush fires.

We dont get paid, we do it for the love of our community

We try to be prepaired as much as possible, and the CFO plans fire training in conjunction with his DCFO.
The St John Paramedic plans and takes medical trainings that are twice a month.
We train once a week, but sometimes twice when we have medical training, and even three times when we do weekend exercises. Additionally we have NZ Fire Service lectures and training days.

We are also at the Station at least once or twice a week cleaning the station and/or the Fire Appliances.
Paperwork is endless, and has to be done most days.

And we are proud of our Station, our crew and the things that we do. Most of all, we are proud of our community of South Head.

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